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I used to be a pro racer cat. 2 bicycle road racing and in the winter I XC ski raced in the USA and Canada for 12 years. Now I'm selling off my XC racing ski's and poles and size 11" shoes and some ski racing clothes. Shoes made by  Salomom model no.# SR601 gray leather with red trim.  The poles are super nice light weight tietaimn poles cork grips 150cm lenght made by Swix skatelite pearl white color. The skies are a beautiful work of art very fast and smooth running through the snow designed by  KASTLE model VARIO 90 kick white with blue trim 215 cm lenght. The bindings are the best Salomom narrow high speed quick release auto matic-2 XC racing bindings. I went and had mounted on the ski a bridge to keep your heel of your shoe from shifting side to side when making fast turns. All my equipment was always kept in top shape as I had no one but myself to sponsor me in all of my races so I had to make sure it never broke down from doing stupid things. The cost of the gear was over $900.00 so the $175.00 that I'm asking for everything is a joke as to the real cost if you had to go buy it new. This is your big break to get hold of some top of the line pro sking gear for peanuts.  I was hit by a car so my racing days are over.  I can send photo's if you want just email me and ask?

  • Boca Raton, Florida, United States
  • 22225 SW 58th Ave, Boca Raton, FL 33428, USA
  • 5618835017
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