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Brick Pavers Boca Raton Fort Lauderdale Miami And Beyond

"The Most Recommended Brick Pavers Company In South Florida, Bar None".

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Why N. Ricardo's Brick Pavers?

Superior quality material (we don't risk using low quality material in order to lower the bid). It would cost us much more to send a professional to fix a poor quality brick paver.
We offer written estimates very rich in details. What area we will be installed? what are the dimensions of each area? How long is it going to take to get the work completed? Are we going to use 1" pavers or 2 3/8" ones? What shape, color, pattern and so forth... Our written estimates contain 1-year warranty on sinking/cracking and drainage related problems. You can rest assured your brick pavers will be perfectly installed with top quality materials.
We are fully licensed (General Contractor qualified) in the state of Florida.
High experienced installers with flawless installation (no bumps, no poor
quality restraining edge).
We are experts in drainage related installation. We test and test before installation begins. We use Engineering techniques learned at the ICPI training we took.
Fully insured (work's comp and liability). We are yet to find a small
Brick Pavers Company that is covered with Work's comp. Sure the big companies are covered, but their rate Per SF is way higher than ours. It's essential to be covered with Work's comp. When you operate the type of equipment that we do, we have to make sure that we have fully protected and you too. FYI, we've read stories of home owners who lost their houses because they hired a company who did not have work's comp., and an accident happened.
Dazzling testimonials (extremely satisfied customers, same we can say:
we are yet to find a small or large Brick Pavers Company that has the same customer satisfaction level that we do).
We will be at the site job on the day of the installation, will the competitors
be or will they send a subcontractor installer to install for them? When you hire us, you will deal directly with the owner of the company (ICPI certified), not a sales person who doesn't get anywhere near the site job.

See the difference already? Hire other Brick Pavers companies at your own peril.


"The Most Recommended Brick Pavers Company In South Florida, Bar None".

Nilson Ricardo (Owner)

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Fax: (954) 977-4348

Showroom Address:
N. Ricardo's Brick Pavers, Inc.
2021 NW 22 St Pompano Beach, FL 33069


No Other Brick Pavers Company Can Match This Impeccable Profile, Not Even Close.

N. Ricardo's Brick Pavers, Inc.

The Average Brick Pavers Guy With A Truck

Licensed (We'll pull the permit For Your Project - No Work On Your Part). Unlicensed (You Have To pull the permit Yourself - Work On Your Part).
General Contractor License Info: CGC1511663. They Don't Even Have A City License, Let Alone A State One.
Insured and Bonded (Insurance Certificate Issued For All Projects). Ask Them To Issue An Insurance Certificate And They Will Run Away From You.
Worker's Compensation. Chances Are, They Don't Have Worker's Compensation. If They Get Hurt, You Can Lose Everything You Have.
100s of Solid References. Perhaps They Have A Couple Of References. The Question Is: Are They Solid? Is The Reference A Friend Who Was Instructed To Say Good Things About A Work That Never Happened?
9 years of experience Installing Pavers. He Is Installing Bricks Until He Gets Something Better To Do.
BBB Accredited Business (Rate: A). They Don't Care About Their Reputation. Why List Their Business On the Better Business Bureau?
ICPI Certified Installer (Exam Score: A). They Never Heard Of ICPI, That's Why their Jobs Cannot Last More Than A Couple Months Without A Problem. The Worse Part Is: They Display The ICPI Logo Just Because It Looks Good. Visit The ICPI.Org And You Will Attest That They Didn't Pass Any Exam. That's A Shame!
Florida Registered Corporation (FEI/EIN Number 260290166). They Are Not Registered. You Should Pay Taxes, But They Don't.
More than 40 Video Testimonials From Very Satisfied Clients. No Customer Would Stand In Front Of Camera To Risk Their Reputation For Them.
Owner Supervises each and every project. You can see the picture and videos from the owner all over the web. We are completely accountable/responsible for every action we take. They don't have enough courage to show their "faces". They've scammed so many Florida home owners that they are ashamed to show who they are. We  prefer not to name names, but we know companies advertising on Google who declared bankruptcy recently, never completed promised jobs and now they are back with a different company name.
Large Showroom With FREE Samples FREE Consumer's Guide FREE Consultation With A Brick Pavers Certified Specialist (Not An Annoying Salesperson). They Don't Have A Physical Location. They Operate Out Of Their Truck. Or worse, their physical address is a PO BOX. After They Take Your 50% Deposit, The Only Resource You Have Is To Pray That They Don't Disappear.
1-Full Year Warranty On Cracked Bricks, Sinking Bricks. This Certificate Is Signed And Notarized For All Services Rendered. They Can Say They Offer 1-Year Warranty. The Only Problem Is Finding The "Contractor" After The Work Is Complete.


Rated A

Exam Score: A


Here Are Just A Few of Top Quality Brick Paving Services Provided by N. Ricardo's Brick Pavers, Inc.:

  • Driveways & Sidewalks
  • Entryways, Walkways & Paths
  • Brickwork & Blocks
  • Patio & Tile work
  • Rock Walls and Retaining Walls
  • Steps (concrete, flagstone, brick)
  • Interlocking Pavers
  • Pool decks
  • Side walks
  • Steps
  • Walks
  • Retaining Walls
  • Columns
  • Other custom designs




"The work was extremely professional. As a matter of fact I did a lot of research on a lot of companies and had a lot of estimates. I also had a lot of people come out and recommend different materials to work with my back deck where I had major problems with drainage. We really didn’t know what to do until I came across this particular company on the internet, the owner came out personally and discussed what he wanted to do. After watching the testimonials online, going over the materials, prices and ideas they had to prevent the drainage problems, I realized I was dealing with a very professional company. I then decided to hire them to do the job. Not only did they do the job in weeks before they were supposed to, they came in with some of the finest materials I had looked at. The crew was one of the most professional crews I have ever dealt with in all of Miami. They are one of the finest companies I have ever used. I am trilled that I hired them to do the job. I am very happy!"

Mr. Bernie Winitz
36## Poinciana Ave, Miami, FL 33133-6529
(305) 446-01##
Brick Pavers Miami -- Work: 4x8 Old Chicago Color -- Complete Pool Deck Remodeling



Nilson Ricardo
(954) 977-4347

Alex Machado
(954) 977-4347
(Paver Specialist)

bullet Licensed (We pull the permit for you)
bullet Insured and Bonded
bullet Work's Compensation
bullet 100s of Solid References
bullet 8 years of experience Installing Pavers
bullet BBB Accredited Business (Rate: A)
bullet ICPI Certified Installer (Exam Score: A)
bullet More than 40 Video Testimonials From Very Satisfied Clients

Fax: (954) 977-4348

Showroom Address:
N. Ricardo's Brick Pavers, Inc.
2021 NW 22 St Pompano Beach, FL 33069

"May 29, 2007

Mr. Nilson Ricardo, President

N. Ricardo Brick Pavers

Dear Mr. Ricardo,

Please accept our thanks for a spectacular job performed by your company. Our pool deck and patio areas look absolutely beautiful with the new pavers. We are especially impressed with the paving job done on our waterfront patio which is winding and very intricate. You are quite the artisans!

When our new shrubs are planted, we feel that our condominium will have the loveliest waterfront in Pompano Beach in part, thanks to your efforts.


Gael M. Corbin, Secretary
Waterbury Condominium Board of Directors"

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Nilson Ricardo (Owner)

(954) 369-7244 (Mobile)


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