1886 Scott International Stamp Album Collection - Boca Raton

1886 Scott International Stamp Album Collection — Boca Raton

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1886 Scott International Stamp Album Collection

1,370 stamps on 130 different pages.


US=1857-7 three cent; 1857-61 one, three, ten, twenty-four cents; 1861 one, ten, twelve cents; 1862-6 two, three, twenty-four cents; 1868 two, three, five, ten, twelve, fifteen, twenty-four cents; 1869 one, two, three, twelve, fifteen cents; 1870 one, two, three, six, ten, twelve, fifteen, thirty, ninety cents; 1872 one, three, six, ten, fifteen, thirty cents; 1875 two, five cents; 1882 one, five, ten cents; 1883 two, four cents; and more bob

Confederate=1862 ten, ten, twenty cents; 1862-4 five cents.

Canada=1857-7 seventeen cents; 1858-64 one, five, twelve cents; 1876 ½ cent; 1868 three, six cents, 1870-5 one, two, three, five, six cents; 1882 ½ cent.

Great Britain=1840 one penny #1 x 2’ 1841 one penny, two pence; 1854-6 two, four, six pence; 1858-64 one, two pence; 1862 four, six pence, one shilling; 1865 four, six pence; 1865-7 one, two shilling; 1867 five shilling; 1869 six pence; 1870 ½, six pence; 1873-6 21/2, three, six pence, one shilling; 1877-83 half, three pence, 2shilling6pence, five shilling; plus British Commonwealths.

1800’s stamps. Excellent condition has slight tattering on the edges of the spine.

Will entertain serious offers from legitimate buyers only.

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